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Glassnode is the industry's leading blockchain data and intelligence platform.

We offer the most comprehensive library of on-chain and financial metrics, and provide a holistic and contextualised view of the crypto markets through intelligible and actionable insights.

We equip investors with the necessary tools to confidently navigate this nascent industry, and help them to make educated decisions in an overly emotional and irrational market.

Our data and insights are trusted by the world’s leading investors, hedge funds, banks, asset managers, and crypto companies.

What do we offer?


We provide the industry’s most comprehensive library of intelligible and contextualised on-chain and crypto financial metrics, easily accessible through a unified API, and trusted by the world's best traders, analysts, and researchers. We focus on the most liquid assets and sustainable networks in the industry: Bitcoin and Ethereum, along with its token ecosystem.

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We set great store on user-centric interfaces: our platform and charting suite removes the abstract from crypto data and lets you seamlessly navigate, explore, and analyse our metrics through user-friendly tooling and intelligible visualisations.

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We go beyond pure data provision and empower you to make better use of it as well: our team of world-class experts use our data to create educational content, timely market analyses, and cutting-edge crypto research, to help you stay informed and make better decisions. Our newsletter is among the largest and world-renowned in the industry and goes out to hundreds of thousands of crypto investors every week.

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  • Studio – Studio is our main platform providing you for the access to all charts.

  • Catalog – Full overview of all metrics available on Glassnode.

  • API – Our official API documentation.

  • Insights – Our main source for market analyses and research reports.

  • Academy – The canonical source of information about our metrics and indicators.

  • Plans – Overview of our pricing and offering.


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