How to get an API key

In order to obtain a key for our API head to Glassnode Studio and register for an account. You will be able to generate a key under API in the user menu.

Access to the API is dependent the plan you are on. For a detailed overview of all metrics you can access with your plan, please refer to our metrics catalogue and the pricing page.


Specify the api_key query parameter or X-Api-Key header with your API key with all endpoints.

Example using cURL


# using query parameter
curl "https://api.glassnode.com/v1/metrics/indicators/sopr?a=btc&api_key=$API_KEY"

# using request header
curl -H "X-Api-Key:${API_KEY}" "https://api.glassnode.com/v1/metrics/indicators/sopr?a=btc"

Example using http


# using query parameter
http "https://api.glassnode.com/v1/metrics/assets" api_key==$API_KEY

# using request header
http "https://api.glassnode.com/v1/metrics/assets" "X-Api-Key:${API_KEY}"

Example using Python

import json
import requests
import pandas as pd

# insert your API key here
API_KEY = ''

# make API request
res = requests.get('https://api.glassnode.com/v1/metrics/indicators/sopr',
    params={'a': 'BTC', 'api_key': API_KEY})

# convert to pandas dataframe
df = pd.read_json(res.text, convert_dates=['t'])

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