Welcome to the Glassnode API documentation.
The Glassnode API offers live and historical on-chain and crypto market data delivered through a single REST API, providing an easy-to-access and uniform gateway to all metrics available on Glassnode.

Your Benefits

Easy Access

The technical overhead for accessing and digesting data from blockchains and exchanges is high. Our API offers a single and standardised entrypoint to an ever-growing set of metrics, providing an easy-to-access and uniform gateway to on-chain and crypto-financial data.

Robust Infrastructure

Our API is backed by a highly scalable and robust infrastructure, incorporating best practices in distributed systems architecture to fulfil our commitment to reliability and uptime. We run our own nodes, parse and process all data in-house, and have thorough monitoring and alerting of all our systems.

Quality Data

Data quality is our highest priority. In order to ensure first-grade data, all our metrics undergo a rigorous QA procedure by our in-house data team before being deployed to production.

Cutting-Edge Metrics

With the right metrics, blockchain data can provide insights that go far beyond simple aggregate statistics. By applying state-of-the-art methods from data science to extract patterns and trends, we provide contextualised and highly curated insights.