Affiliate FAQs

The new Glassnode Affiliate Program offers creators an exciting new opportunity to easily monetize content with an attractive commission model.

How does the Affiliate Program work?

Our Affiliate Program rewards you for referring new customers to Glassnode by giving you a share of the revenue you helped generate. There are a few important conditions to keep in mind:

  • The referred user must use your custom affiliate link to visit the Glassnode website

  • The referred user must be a new customer

  • The referred user must make a purchase and not cancel their subscription or initiate a chargeback.

Can I join the Affiliate Program?

Yes, everyone who abides by our affiliate T&Cs can join our program.

What is the commission model?

Our commission model is simple. You receive 30% of the new revenue you generate. There is no limit on the number of referrals you can make and you receive a lifetime commission. This means that as long as your referral remains a Glassnode customer, you receive commission on future plan renewals.

Can I offer a special discount to my audience?

Yes, users who come to Glassnode via your affiliate link will receive a special 10% discount on their first purchase. If you would like to offer a different discount, please get in touch:

Does a referred customer have to purchase a plan immediately for me to receive commission?

A user who visits Glassnode via your affiliate link is counted for 90 days. This means that you receive your revenue share for users who make a purchase up to 90 days after you initially referred them.

Why is there a 2-month delay on pay-outs?

In order to prevent fraud, we have implemented a 2-month delay on reward pay-outs. This is to ensure fraudulent actors don’t try to take advantage of the system.

Is there a pay-out threshold?

In order to reduce the fees incurred through many smaller payments, there is a pay-out threshold of $150. This means that affiliates will need to earn $150 or more to trigger a pay-out.

What is the difference between “Referral count” and “Confirmed referrals”?

Your ”Referral count” is the total number of purchases made with your affiliate link. “Confirmed referrals” only include referrals that have not been refunded or initiated cancellations or chargebacks. Once a referred customer passes the 2-month mark, they will be added to your “Confirmed referrals” and you will be eligible to receive the commission.

If a referred customer makes a purchase and then upgrades their plan, do I get commission on the upgrade?

No. The revenue share only applies to the first purchase. A referred customer who purchases a Yearly Advanced Plan would generate $104.40 in rewards for you, even if they later upgrade to a Professional Plan.

If a referred customer switches from a Monthly to a Yearly Advanced Plan, you would not receive commission for this.

How will I receive my commission?

Affiliates are paid via PayPal. If you would like to receive your payouts via a different payment method, please get in touch:

Can I change my Affiliate link?

Yes, you can customize your affiliate link at any time. Please keep in mind that as an Affiliate, you can only have one active affiliate link at any given time.

Does Glassnode provide marketing material for me?

Yes, Glassnode provides marketing material, including website banners, in the Affiliate Resource Center.

How do I get started?

Once you've created your free Glassnode account, you can sign up to the Affiliate Program by clicking on your profile in the top right of your Glassnode Studio and then clicking on "Affiliate".

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